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At LOANI We Empower all Women without any borders of caste, religion, or Community.

We Respect everyone, Every Nationality, Every Race, Every Creed, EveryLadies of All Nations International (LOANI) is a Certified World Record Holder and an Accredited Non-Profit Organisation brought to life by an innovative partnership between women and emerging leaders of all backgrounds and cultures. These leaders have a shared vision of driving better change in today’s global communities by leading and enacting positive change. We are an organisation that looks BEYOND BOUNDARIES, We are globally recognised and officially Certified as a World Record Holder Organisation and Accredited by WPO.

 LOANI is on a mission to help develop the world with positive leadership, culture, and change—a movement of communities coming together to build a better world for all. We work hand in hand for change for the better, spreading peace and peaceful coexistence, and ensuring the rights of children, women, and human rights everywhere.

 Ethnicity, Every Tribes, Every Clans, Every Religion, Every Gender, Every Generation. This is the foundation of building a sustainable nation

 Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) is a global platform that focuses on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

LOANI has been accredited and affiliated with World Peace Officers (WPO). This Accreditation is given as the existence of an institution that carries out activities according to its mission and vision and has achieved a national and internationally recognized standard of high-quality organizational excellence of contributing positive changes around the world protected by national and international laws.

 LOANI is instrumental in creating opportunities for business collaboration, spreading knowledge, and inciting ideas and thoughts that can create a new beautiful world, especially for women who need to strengthen themselves. We connect, collaborate,  gain, and share the knowledge and resources needed to motivate the power of individuals to create a positive change.

 At LOANI we are a union of solidarity across the world and a force of change, inclusion, education, and environment. We strive towards advancing women’s and children’s rights and gaining gender equality for girls. We also focus on a number of important issues that are affecting the world. We are there to provide support, raise disease awareness, curb domestic abuse, and where possible initiate self-help projects for communities so that they become self-sufficient in the future.

 We build networks, foster personal growth, and aid professional development with a mission by creating an ideal environment for people of visions to influence society and connect with other Global leaders from around the world, to share ideas, and to be the support system to one another by most importantly creating a Global Change and being part of the Global Change Makers.

 Ladies of All Nations International is a growing network of international professionals with a membership of thousands of Professionals, Leaders, Global Change Makers, Trail Blazers, Resilience Leaders, and Innovators from around the world with over 187 countries under its umbrella.

 We have a culture in which individuals engage, collaborate, grow, and perform at an extraordinary level. We come together as one and unite around our shared commitment to our communities and grow stronger, more vibrant regions and create initiatives that bind us together and make us one regardless of our race, colour, or creed. More importantly, we connect, grow, and make a difference through our collective strength.

 We carefully select true leaders in their field, who are world-shaping powerhouses—those who are driven by a clear vision and purpose to help shape the world we live in and those who are deeply thoughtful of others, exemplify humanity, generosity, and compassion, and who are dedicated to supporting the well-being of others and fostering a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in his/her workplace or community. More importantly, we connect with those who are passionate about breaking barriers in their fields, changing their communities, and exploring the world more by reaching beyond Boundaries with a bigger mission and vision to transform the future of the world.

 Every day we make a choice to learn more, do more, and be more while acknowledging our strengths. It is reaffirming to know that when we give our best, we are helping others. Thus, together we can create a better future for all of us.

 Our Global Team Members are carefully selected because of their leadership skills as change-makers, community activists, and people who have distinguished themselves in contributing to different sectors and services to their community and beyond as well as bringing people together with enthusiasm, commitment, focus, and positivity. We have some powerful like-minded prominent leaders from around the world who are transforming lives and leading by example.

 We come together in solidarity, supporting and encouraging each other throughout our struggles, promoting awareness, uniting for good causes, and celebrating our unique accomplishments and successes. What makes us stronger as a community is when we can connect. We are dedicated to empowering the advancement of professional individuals through cross-industry networking; developing meaningful connections, professional development, career advancement, and personal branding; and making our motive and mission to bring change by creating new opportunities for our members. Our collective expertise is what we thrive on to take action and contribute positively to humanity. We support each other through our successes and struggles.

 At LOANI we are also dedicated to helping and supporting underprivileged communities such as orphans, widows, and single parents as well as any other vulnerable communities. We also focus on business, health and wellness, healing, and growth, more importantly unifying our visions and using our VOICES collectively to motivate change and build a brighter future for all of us.

LOANI operates worldwide chiefly to bring Nations together under the umbrella of humanity with the ultimate goal being to support and uplift the underprivileged in various communities and promote diversity and inclusiveness, covering ALL aspects of Equality and Diversity – including age, race, creed, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, etc.

 We love seeing the collaboration and discussion that our group fosters.

 At Loani we are pushing for a fairer world as well as impacting the world from all backgrounds across the globe. This helps us to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

 Under LOANI, we also operate Beautiful Survivors World of Honours. Beautiful Survivors is an initiative that was created to honor and celebrate survivors as heroines and empower them to move out of the positions of victims. We also created beautiful survivors to honor and celebrate inspiring, courageous, determined, and hardworking individuals who have managed to overcome difficulties or changes in life through strength and the willpower to succeed—those who have expressed their ability to survive against the odds.

 At Beautiful Survivors, we also acknowledge those who have gone through tragedies, loss, and pain in their lives and have managed to overcome difficulties or changes in life with a mission to shine a light on them and acknowledge their strength and tenacity and their courage to make an amazing difference in their lives and in the lives of others. We aid survivors to realize their true potential in life because this gives value and purpose for leading a more fulfilling life and taking pride in how far they have come.

 These are some of the people we honor and help but are not limited to survivors of unfortunate life events such as terminal illnesses, disabilities, and others as well as victims of armed conflicts, domestic violence, accidents, and other similar misfortunes.

We offer one-to-one individual sessions with experienced mentors, personal guidance, and support. We firmly believe that people not only can overcome any challenge but can also truly find happiness in their life. These sessions encourage them to let go of what holds them back, to be whoever they want to be, and to step into alignment and free their souls.

 Part of our mission at LOANI is to empower the younger generation across the globe through our initiative Worldwide Young Influential Leaders. Our mission is to lead them to greater heights through innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship. At Worldwide Young Influential Leaders, we empower a new generation of young leaders and promote positive change. We are very much dedicated to empowering the younger generation across the globe, leading them to greater heights through innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship.  We aim to inspire positive choices for a brighter future. It’s a dream come true.

 We also created an initiative for young inspiring leaders to empower them and guide them to have the confidence to succeed. The concept is to inspire positive choices for a brighter future. “We work hard to provide our young leaders with the tools and guidance and adequately equip them with resources to become leaders of tomorrow as well as succeed in this Changing World.

 Our mission is to continue to empower a new generation of young leaders and promote positive change. We have partnered with other organisations to develop opportunities for young people to grow into young responsible leaders. At LOANI we continue to educate ourselves, educate others, and more importantly the younger generation.

 We are also dedicated to supporting underprivileged communities through our LOANI Scholarship Programs. We believe that every child deserves the best start in life: a happy home, a safe place to play, access to quality education, medical care, and good nutrition. LOANI Scholarship Program is a way of providing basic needs and education for an underprivileged child, which means paying set fees on an annual basis. The LOANI Scholarship Program provides school fees, food, clothing, study materials, and simple medical care to enable a student to attend school or college. This can change their whole future and their own communities.

 We are very much dedicated to supporting Orphans. Orphans are always one of the most vulnerable groups, often facing hunger, disease, exploitation, and extreme cycles of poverty.

Through our LOANI Scholarship Programs, we aim to help children to look forward to a better future and help to ensure that they are fully supported to get an education. We believe that when you sponsor children, you help them thrive and give them the opportunity that all children deserve – a chance to be healthy, protected, and educated which safeguards their right to an education and a future and helps to give them the tools to support themselves once they become young adults in the world. This changes the lives of impoverished communities, providing them with the love, guidance, and protection that every child needs. We can only help where you can. Our mission is to help them improve their lives as their educational opportunities are very limited. Through this Scholarship initiative, we aim to invest in children’s long-term futures, supporting their families, careers, and local communities to provide long-lasting, safe sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality. To qualify for The LOANI Sponsorship Programs, the child must stay in school, ensuring the child gains the education and skills for a better tomorrow.

 We strive towards advancing women’s and children’s rights and gaining gender equality for girls. We share these stories to inspire others to have hope and to encourage other well-wishers to help where they can.

 We also focus on a number of important issues that are affecting the world. We are there to provide support, raise disease awareness, curb domestic abuse, and where possible initiate self-help projects for communities so that they become self-sufficient in the future.

 We also created initiatives that empower the most vulnerable individuals around the world and fight to end poverty. We have facilitated charity events and funded educational seminars and workshops to empower the impoverished, specifically in third-world countries. We are dedicated to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities. We connect people around the world in the fight to eradicate poverty. Working together, we invest in the lives of children and the youth, build the healthy environments they need to thrive and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.”

 We are a force of change, inclusion, education, and the environment.

 In a nutshell, Ladies of All Nations International has a clear agenda whereby all nations come together to help one another, spreading a loving and compassionate approach to emphasise the importance of education, to alleviate poverty, to give those with less a chance, to fight disease, to raise awareness, and to do away with abuse of any kind. Our main mission is connecting various cultures using the right language and dropping the judgment attached and uniting the Nations around the world, every language, every tribe, every clan, every culture, and every diverse and every individual community coming together for a great cause.

 Our union is known for its solidarity because together we lock arms and stand with pride as we are the voices and vessels to support women and children around the Globe!! We believe that we should Always Stand Together because Unity gives us Strength.

 We at LOANI feel extremely proud and delighted to have been able to achieve this great feat of bringing together women achievers. We are committed to being the best versions of ourselves. We champion social inclusion, integration, and contribute towards building stronger global environments that have tangible impacts in the world regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, and culture.

 Our work has been Accredited by The World Peace Officers for carrying out our mission and vision in contributing towards a positive change around the world. Our work is recognised worldwide and has won several awards worldwide including being named as The Best Global community organization of the year and featured on the billboard in Times Square in New York City. We were also recognized as one of the outstanding community organizations transforming lives to various cultures around the world. Our Work was also recognised by inspiring Indian women Global organisations for our dedication to supporting The Indian communities. We have traveled several times to India for charity work purposes. We were recognized with The Nelson Mandela International Humanitarian Award. We received A Special Recognition Award at the House of Parliament from the members of The British Parliament for making a change in our community. We are a certified World Record Holder and are Accredited by (WPO), Recognised by Royalty of Indonesia, The White House of the USA, the House of Parliament in the United Kingdom, the Mayor of New York City,100 Successful Women Business and Network, Women Leaders Global Forum: Denver, Colorado, Universal Women Network & Waterfront Awards Canada, Prodigy Global Network UAE, and so many more.

 We have longstanding and close ties with organisations that share a common goal with us. We stand together for community empowerment and an opportunity to learn and grow. We are part of the 100 Most Successful Women Business Network, American International Education Federation, Institute of Global Professionals, Global International Alliance University, The Global Women and Leadership International Forum, Global Trade Chambers. International Internal University, World Culture, and Art Society, International Association of Top Professionals, Filipino leaders Awards, Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs, Solidarity and Social Economy Sustainable Development, She Inspire Me Awards, Thailand International Awards, Vietnamese Global Association, Grit Academy, Prodigy Global Network, International Youth Society, and many more. 

 We at LOANI have joined together with schools, women’s centers, orphanage centers, mosques, churches, synagogues, and other community organisations to form a powerful collective effort and meaningful change.


We at LOANi

We aim to continue to raise awareness for meaningful causes and continue to advocate for others. When we unite, we can build a more inclusive society.

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