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Loani Magazine is a  lifestyle magazine tailored specifically for Inspiring leaders and extraordinary individuals

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Loani magazine is a lifestyle magazine tailored specifically for Inspiring leaders and extraordinary individuals who are impacting the world by sharing their stories about overcoming difficulties/changes in life , business achievements & stories behind their Success.

@Loani magazine supports and empowers women all over the world, sharing the importance of culture, health, and fitness, tourism, leisure, fashion, food, and business,
creating health in all areas of life – wellness, nutrition, fitness, attitude, and relationships.
Principles bind us together & make us one regardless of our race colour or creed.
Most importantly, connect, grow and make a difference.

Our magazine also features inspirational business leaders who make a difference around the world. Those that inspire in action through their own life & others sharing their secret to success will be featured. Discovering great talent & secrets behind success, how people overcome hardships to build a successful business & how they develop leadership habits through powerful persistence, hardworking & dedication.

We will highlight humble sacrifices, creative innovation & brave determination, how people lead more purposeful lives, and more importantly sharing their own formula regarding the ability to motivate & inspire others to achieve more.

Our mission is for people to learn lessons from the leaders who share their insights behind the success of their journey, sheer perseverance, and a formidable combination of innovation & determination to transform lives.

Some will be sharing their success through bravery, passion, and perseverance as well as transforming their vision into reality.

Are you a successful business leader who has risen through persistence & optimism to change the world?

Do you want to be featured in our International Magazine as our Inspirational Successful Business leader of the month?

You may want to share your formula on what it means to be an inspirational successful business leader through hard work, risks, success & failure as a way to inspire others, make a difference in people’s lives by raising a bar for others with humility and purpose.
The mission is to share our greatness

If want to be featured in our magazine or advertise your business or products, share a story, or if you want be one of the contributors

Please get in touch!

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