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We carefully select true leaders in their field, who are world-shaping powerhouses—those who are driven by a clear vision and purpose to help shape the world we live in and those who are deeply thoughtful of others, exemplify humanity, generosity, and compassion and who are dedicated to supporting the well-being of others and fostering a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in his/her workplace or community. More importantly, we connect with those who are passionate about breaking barriers in their fields, changing their communities, and exploring the world more by Reaching Beyond Boundaries with a bigger Mission and Vision to transform the future of the world.

 Our Global Members are carefully selected because of their major impact in their fields of influence and their leadership skills as change-makers, community activists in contributing to different sectors and services to their community and beyond as well as bringing people together with enthusiasm, commitment, focus, and positivity. We have some powerful like-minded prominent leaders from around the world who are transforming lives and leading by example.

What are some of the Benefits of becoming a Member?

Through our Membership, we are dedicated to empowering the advancement of professional individuals through cross-industry networking: developing meaningful connections, professional development, career advancement, and personal branding; and making our motive and Mission to bring change by creating new opportunities for our members.

Our collective expertise is what we thrive on to take action and contribute positively to humanity. We support each other through our successes and struggles.


Our Membership is carefully selected by our World Leaders’ Committee.

Advantages of this Membership:

  1. Attain a prestigious World Gold Membership
  2. Connect with world-class Leaders and learn from their success.
  3. Get access to exclusive Members-Only events.
  4. Receive discounts on event ticket prices and get access and discounts to various partner events.
  5. May Automatically Qualify to be a member of some of our associates’ organisations.
  6. Receive access to free Zoom meetings once a month to connect with our members and associates.
  7. Receive invitations to Global platform opportunities, world networking live events held in different countries including annual dinners, business promotion,​ and speaking opportunities on the stage.
  8. Be featured in our LOANI Magazine and Worldwide Leaders Annual book and much more
  9. Provide regular support, training, and development opportunities for all team members to learn and grow to be the best they can be.


Selection Process

All appointed members are carefully selected and must meet the very high standards/criteria expected to become a member.

Our World Advisory Board will make the final decision.

Once selected you will be invited for a one-to-one chat for a final approval.

Join us and embark on a voyage of discovery with world class leaders to help your professional development.