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Our Story

We as a community have always believed in the idea of getting people of all walks together and strengthening ourselves. Human beings are social beings, and as we connect and correlate, we cannot just widen our horizons and give flexibility to our thought process, but we can also perceive a universality and commonality in contradictory concepts, ideas, and things.


Keeping this in mind we have conceptualized the Worldwide Leaders Association bringing together a magnificent amalgamation of business leaders, innovators, and artists as well as professionals from all fields to set up a special world that can initiate and radiate growth, prosperity, and happiness across the globe.

 Leaders are especially capable of getting people together and initiating a movement or revolution leading a group of people. They can make an endeavour to help them create a world within themselves that is self-sufficient in itself and at the same time can serve the larger society and further expand itself.

 Since time immemorial, we as human beings have evolved and grown and have changed the face of the world as well as have explored the universe.

 Amidst this, there is also awakening and realization of the spiritual aspects of being human and the understanding that we need to keep the checks and balances at all times as well as be kind to others. With technological advancement and improved transport and communication people across the globe have come closer than ever. Using this to our advantage can be of great help to society to bring global leaders together and to create opportunities, not just for business, arts and culture, but also to heal and strengthen each other. We are extremely proud of all the great innovators who have joined us in this journey and strengthened our caravan.

 We plan to have global conferences in which we will be inviting business leaders and innovators from all over the world, who can interact and present opportunities for growth in every domain.

 Meeting in person can also help to establish a bond and further strengthen people. Such opportunities are not just limited to establishing relationships for the existing business but also coming up with new ideas and exploring new possibilities. It so happens that we are so engrossed in our own work and domain that the thought of new innovations and possibilities may not even strike us.

 Meeting people from different cultures and communities can open new doors. Because of the fact that the world is so diverse, that the resources are not evenly distributed, and that different weather and climate can support only certain kinds of activities, there is an inherent interdependence, and we have no choice but to acknowledge this diversity and interdependence if we need to enhance ourselves in any given way, whatsoever. Meeting each other at international events and putting across what one has along with listening to others and brainstorming can give rise to out-of-the-box ideas and creations that might just bring about an entire revolution. Since all big things begin with tiny ideas and baby steps, let us all come together and converge under one umbrella, creating beautiful opportunities.

 Besides businesses and knowledge exchange, there is another beautiful dimension to humanity, and that is art and culture. Art, literature, handicrafts, music, and performing arts are God’s gift to humanity. They enhance our quality of life, enrich us, and help us evolve spiritually. Arts and literature are ways that help in the expression of human emotions making us more conscious, aware, and sensitive to the finer aspects of nature. Performing arts help us in exploring human psychology, anthropology, and mythology as well as the oneness in-universe and the divine. This can bring about tremendous confidence in the artist as well as highlight the oneness in the human race. It makes us aware of further possibilities. Besides being a medium of entertainment, it helps to portray history and culture as well as body language and sensitivities. It is a great way to improve relationships and bring about warmth in relationships. Cultural exchange is a great way to learn, evolve, and unite. It is also a mode of entertainment and can enrich and bring colors, positive vibes. and joy in otherwise monotonous and redundant events.

 Global cultural exchange is a great way to unite and is a great opportunity for cultural research and the entertainment industry. People within this network can hence collaborate, innovate, and create, spreading the benefits to everyone in their respective countries. Since we are looking for leaders to come forward and strengthen bonds between different countries, we also perceive this as an opportunity to bring about peace in the world. As we all know, there are special population groups in every country across the world who need help. There are also societal issues that we need to address.

 Bringing about sensitivity to people who are especially challenged, caring for the emotional needs and medical needs of senior citizens, gender equality and addressing the serious issue of domestic violence, and also improving safety, law, and the order can be achieved by strengthening relationships and opening up new doors that can help us to address these issues and carve a path so that our world can become a kinder place and be more inclusive.

 Networking and establishing bonds can also help to diminish the issues of racial discrimination. As we all get closer and feel the love and warmth in each other, humanity is reinforced. We can laugh, smile, play, and cry together. We can reach out and give a helping hand with faith and confidence.

 To make this all a reality, we have conceptualized the Worldwide Leaders Association, where all great leaders, top professionals, business leaders, political leaders, and exponents in art and culture and innovation can come together and work in harmony with new enthusiasm to create a better world and spread peace, joy, and happiness.


loani global sisterhood

We are a very passionate team of loving sisters, charged with enthusiasm and a mission to promote international sisterhood, making the journey of every sister smoother through ups and downs. We also perceive that helping women to grow and blossom in their own way, helps to make happier families, happier societies, and a happier world, promoting world peace.